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Ive recently found out that they have 2 offices, one in Las Vegas and one in Cebu, Philippines...they will be closing the Las Vegas one pretty soon. They run a small team of 30 agents and they do sales calls...they will sell you the moon and the stars but it doesnt really work.

find out for yourself..the call center they work from is called universal tech and its in Mabolo, Cebu Philippines.

I was once an agent at the place, but couldnt stand what they do to fool would be talents to pay, even if they have no shot at this.

this Mikhael Cook (Picture attached)is the CEO and all he does is get high on drugs and drunk, then force us agents to make sales.

Hope this serves as a warning...look them up yourselves...google the call center and see how many more they have fooled...even filipinos.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of agent. Explore Talent needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I received a call from an agent at the Philippines with a Philippino accent, claiming she is in Vegas. Yet their offices have been shut down in Vegas due to the class action suit against Explore Talent.

The agent claimed she has an audition for me, if I pay the membership and she also stated Explore is responsible for the popularity of Snoop Dog and Matt Damond and few other well known actors.

Which I found very Disturbing and deceiving advertising! They also resell Trackimo.com devices


Can anyone tell me if Ami Shafrir is the owner of both companies?


check their facebook page.. https://www.facebook.com/uTechInc/...

also https://www.facebook.com/uTechInc/photos/a.388029507973249.1073741824.296817317094469/764293837013479/?type=3&theater.. lol logo of ET


this post is so true.. hahahah *** faggots are scamming people. they force them to pay the membership then do nothing.


Maybe you're terminated because you suck. you said "Ive recently found out that they have 2 offices, one in Las Vegas and one in Cebu, Philippines" but then you worked with them before.

Did you just found out that you worked with them after they fired you?


to Spy #1163027

it's because he's not good in scamming people. he's not like your CEO(drug addict) there who only cares about money.

to Anonymous #1326087

Ami Stays at the Radisson Blu Cebu enjoying...


BTW half the profiles are fake too. If you go on and search by who just joined you'll see the same pics with different names and cities and ages and the same names with different pics, cities ages.

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